How To Set Up Hotmail On Android Phone

how to set up hotmail on android

How To Set Up Hotmail On Android Phone

Are you one of the many users who wants to know how to set up Hotmail on android? Microsoft has recently introduced a new version of MSN that is free to all users. This upgrade has lots of new features and enhancements. For most of us, these additions and upgrades are very nice and it has really brought life to our emailing experiences. But one thing that has been missing from the “stock” version of Hotmail for a while now is Android support.

A lot of android users have experienced having problems connecting to their email account because of the lack of support for the native applications used by Hotmail for its email client. These specific programs have been programmed to use the native code provided by Google to function with the email client but are unable to connect due to a lack of support for the device’s native code. This problem can be fixed by downloading the Gmail or Yahoo Mail app and installing it onto your android phone.

Once you have installed these apps, you will see that they will not show up in your device settings. It is highly recommended that you use IMAP to set up Hotmail on Android and that you also set up the other two email clients as well. This is the most secure way of transferring your account information between different devices. You will also find that there are no errors when you are trying to sign in to the account on your android phone.

If you want to learn how to set up Hotmail on android, there are some other steps you will have to follow. When you first launch the Gmail or Yahoo email client on your phone, you will be asked to sign in to the service. After this you will be shown your personal account which will allow you to access all of your email messages. Tap on the + sign and you will be taken to your account. If you prefer a web based email client, you will need to log into the Google or Yahoo email client on your android phone.

You will notice that the setup process for your Hotmail email account is very easy. There will be prompts for you to enter in your username and password. If you forget one of these, you will have to enter it again. Once you have successfully entered in your username and password, you will be all set on how to set up Hotmail on android.

Now that you have established a Gmail or Yahoo account, you will need to sign in to that account and create an email account. Once this is complete, you will need to go to the settings and find the Add Account option. This option is located on the main page of your account and has a blue button with a red X through it. Click on this button to add your new account.

If you have already checked the boxes that were required for adding other services, such as Facebook and MySpace, you will proceed to how to set up Hotmail on android by selecting the Add Directory option. Here, you will find your existing email providers. If you have decided to use your primary email provider, you will want to make sure you enter all the information here. If you use one of your alternate email providers, you can simply tick the boxes for them here. This is where you will fill in the name of the directory you are creating, the folder type (such as Folders or Texts), the version you would like (batt folder) and finally, the location of this directory on your android device.

When you have completed these steps, you will be asked to sign in to your account. You will be given the opportunity to choose which devices you would like to synchronize your account with. If you have multiple devices, you will need to sign in to each one to complete the process. Once you have successfully registered your account on your new How to set up Hotmail on android phone, you will see your accounts and forwarding options available to you.