How to Change Hotmail Password on the Computer

Wondering how to change Hotmail password? If you’re wondering what’s the typical default email address and password for Hotmail if ever forgotten, the answer is: there’s no typical default password or email for Hotmail at all. You must use the email or contact number on your Hotmail account just to reset it. For security purposes, you can’t just type in any old Hotmail address to reset the password. You need to use one that’s associated with your account.

How to change Hotmail passwords is something you might want to consider as you’re reading this. A lot of people aren’t aware that they can change their Hotmail settings–including their passwords and account information-with just a few clicks of the mouse. Changing your current password can require you to enter a lot of potentially risky information.

Let’s assume that you’ve successfully changed your password but now you’re back at the point you started at in the previous step. The question becomes, “What do you do next?” Unfortunately, you can’t go back to Step 1 and try again. The problem is that most of the steps in changing your password are just variations of what you already know. There’s really no sense in going back and doing things that you already know how to do. This isn’t like putting a new band-aid over a broken arm.

The most common way people try to change their Hotmail settings is to enter in a new password. The new password will look exactly like the old one. It might not be a perfect match, but it’s close. So what do you do next? Actually, you don’t have to do anything at all.

The simplest way to change your Hotmail password is to follow the same process that you used in Steps 1 and 2 above. However, instead of clicking on “Change” to bring up the forms for changing your account settings, just click” Submit.” This will cause the changes to take place automatically. When you hit the “submit” button the first time, you’ll see a pop-up box. Click “OK.”

The second way to change your Hotmail settings is to click “Tools,” and then “ories.” You’ll see two separate boxes: one for entering in new information, and one for editing your existing password. Make sure that you enter in your new information, even though this will cause your password to be updated. Click “OK.” Once you’ve done so, you’ll notice a message at the bottom of the screen stating “ryption succeeded.”

The third and final step on how to change your Hotmail password is to hit the “Back” button on your keyboard. You’ll then see that the changes you made are permanent. It’s important to note that if you did not save your preferred new password after making the aforementioned changes, you will have to type it in by hand. Once you’ve saved the password, you can log into your Hotmail email account and change your password to your previous one. Once you’re logged in, hit the back button to return to the main Windows page.

It’s easy to learn how to change Hotmail passwords on the computer. If you’re a regular user of Hotmail, chances are good that you’ve seen some changes in your account settings. If you haven’t, you should definitely head to the Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. This will open a new window with a window that lists all running programs. Choose “Hotmail” from the list and click “OK.” After you have done so, you’ll be able to easily change your password to another account.