How to Recover Hotmail From Windows – Things You Need to Understand About the Outlook Email Service

How to Recover a Hotmail Account? Forgotten an old email password is a common problem among all the users and nobody can get rid of it except for the Hotmail users themselves. If you too have forgotten or somebody has stolen your account, you can either sign in to the email account in normal mode or you can contact the Hotmail service support to reset the password. In case of normal mode, you need to put in a new Hotmail user name and the email will be re-activated, but in case of email recovery, you need to put in a different Hotmail user name. Hence, it is better to do both things at one time.

how to recover hotmail account

The first and foremost step to Hotmail password recovery is to sign in as the typical Hotmail user and also enter the typical email address where you wish to get the password. You can either use the typical Windows commands or you can use any other software package that will allow you to enter the password. There are several ways available in the market today to perform this step but most of the popular and reputed security programs enable you to enter a password using only a few simple steps. These steps are as follows:

Step One: If you have just got an account, you can go to the Help Menu by clicking on “Hotmail” in the upper right corner. Under the Help Menu, there is an option of changing your user name or selecting an option to reset your password. Choose the former option. When prompted, enter the user name you used earlier. Similarly, if you were given a brand new account, choose the same option. It is quite important to input the correct user name here because if you miss, your attempt would be futile.

Step Two: If your account has been reset, you need to check whether it was because you forgot your password or because you did not provide the correct one. If you remember the password but forget the user name and password, you can use the “Reset password” option which is located on the far right side of your account. When you click on this option, you are required to enter the new password in the same manner as you entered the old one. However, if you forgot the username and the password, you will be required to use a special technique for creating a new Hotmail password.

Step Three: For forgotten or new user accounts, you need to go to the “Change” tab on the main menu. Here, you will find the option of inserting the new user ID or the old password. Once you have done so, you will be required to follow a simple two-step verification procedure. The first step of the procedure requires you to click on the appropriate “Pass” button while the second step requires you to click on the “Submit” button.

Step Four: Once you have completed the aforementioned two steps, you will see a message saying “You successfully reset the password of your Hotmail”. You will then be required to enter the new user ID and the new password again. As you learn how to recover Hotmail, you will learn that you must put either the old password or the new one and enter them in the fields provided. The “Change” option on the main menu will allow you to do this. However, if you cannot access the “Change” option, you will find that you will be unable to enter the new password or the old one.

Step Five: If your account had been reset, you will notice that there is an option for you to enter a recovery code. It is advisable for you to memorize the recovery code so that you do not have to enter it numerous times while trying to reset your account. You can make use of the recovery code by clicking on the appropriate “Reset Recovery Code” link on the main page. After you have entered the recovery code, you will have to wait for a while before you are able to proceed with the actual reset.

If your account had been reset, you will notice that there is no longer any email address that you can view in the Microsoft Outlook program. In order to continue with the Microsoft Outlook email service, you will find that you will be given the option to log in again at the main page. Once you log in again, you will be able to receive emails as before but they will not be accessible through the standard outlook program.