How To Change Hotmail To Outlook – Quickly!

How to change Hotmail to outlook is pretty straight forward. You have two options if you want to do this; the first one is to get a new Hotmail email account and install the Hotmail icon on your desktop or notebook’s desktop. The second option is to use Microsoft’s built in email client called Microsoft Outlook. When you click on the icon, a menu will come up. Click on the options you want and you will be prompted to enter the new email address.

how to change hotmail to outlook

The new icon will appear on your desktop or notebook’s desktop, where you can click on it and you will be prompted for entering the new account information. However, I wouldn’t recommend that you use this option unless you know what you are doing. It may appear as a normal Hotmail window, but upon clicking on the Outlook icon, it will immediately go into Outlook and display all of your mail in an interface very similar to that of Hotmail. Also, when you attempt to save a message in Outlook, it will automatically save as an outlook document.

Outlook is good because it organizes your messages and allows you to locate a particular message from your email box. If you want to organize your messages differently you can go to the bottom of the Outlook window and click on Message and then Properties. On the left side of the dialog box there will be multiple tabs for different types of email. Click on the plus sign next to the All mail tab. This will expand into a tree with your email account information displayed on the right hand side.

Notice that Outlook displays the name of the user in the folder structure section next to the User folder? Clicking on the plus sign will expand out a window that displays the User folder structure. You will notice there is a folder labeled “Hotmail.” Open the folder and double click on the appropriate user in the list.

Double click the first link, which is the Shared Folders link. In the resulting window click on the arrow next to Shared Folders and then click Add. A new window will pop up and you will have the opportunity to fill in the name of the folder if you so desire. When you are finished click on OK.

When you navigate through the various folders on the left side of the outlook window you will notice that each of your email accounts is separated into its own folder structure. Each of your email accounts will also be displayed in its own color under the appropriate heading such as My Email (Myghai) or My Business(USA). Click on one of your accounts to open it up. You will now see a folder called “Spam” which lists any email you send that is deemed to be spam.

Now, at the top of the outlook window click on the tab called Mail. Open the menu for POP inboxes and you will notice that they have been changed to Microsoft Outlook Express. Next, click on the little folder on the far right of the page named Mail. This is known as your custom folder and contains all your email, contacts, and messages for your Hotmail account. If you are wondering how to change Hotmail to outlook, this should be modified accordingly.

There you have it, if you want to know how to change Hotmail to outlook. This process is quite easy but you must be aware of what you are doing until you complete the changes so you do not mess things up. If you have problems with your outlook account you can speak with Microsoft support and have them look into it for you. Otherwise you can modify your account yourself and within minutes you will be able to go online and have all your messages there!