How to Change Hotmail Password Easily

How to change Hotmail password regularly is very important because it can prevent identity theft and many other issues. Changing a password regularly is a must. Although at times people just decide to forget its importance and so, lose account with hackers frequently. But changing the password from time to time helps to remember your most recent one very easily. Hotmail email accounts are also among the most widely used accounts worldwide. There are many reasons why people should learn how to change password of Hotmail email account regularly.

how to change hotmail password

The first reason is to avoid the identity theft issues. Your account is probably hacked by some unknown person that has got access to your email account because you have forgotten or intentionally wrote down your password in a wrong way. That is why it is very important to change it frequently. You can do this by going to the settings section and then click on ‘Change’ tab and then choose the option of choosing a different password.

The second reason is to make sure that your Hotmail account is always protected from unauthorized changes and access. This is done by going to ‘Contact us’ section and then click on ‘Change password’ link. After clicking on this link you will be asked for a new password. After you have chosen a new password, you will be asked for a confirmation as to whether you really want to change it. You may either choose to accept it or to challenge it. If you fail in either step of the process, then it is more likely that someone else may have got access to your account.

Step 1 can be repeated as many times as necessary until you finally get the right password. But if you are planning to change your Hotmail password often, then it is better to opt for a software that offers you a centralized database where all your passwords and other important information are saved. This is usually a part of a paid service, but you can easily find one by surfing the internet.

Once you are done with changing your account settings, it is time to test how it works on your end. To do this you should go to ‘Help’ tab and then click on the section where you will get detailed instructions on how to change your password. Here you need to fill in all the fields including your current password. After you submit your information, you will be given a new password.

Step 2 can also be done in a secure manner using a free method. You can try out this free method as many times as possible. It does not involve any complicated steps. All you have to do in this method is to enter your desired field in the appropriate boxes and then hit the ‘change’ button on the bottom of the screen.

In this way, you will have to enter your desired information on the next few screens and then hit the ‘save’ button to confirm that you really want to change password. You may face problems like your current password being the same or a wrong combination. To avoid this, you just have to repeat the steps above again and then hit the ‘save’ button. But in case you face difficulties with these steps, you can always call Hotmail support and they will help you figure out how to change password on Hotmail. They will also guide you in choosing a new Hotmail account name and the new password.

These methods are quite easy to follow. You can be an expert in Hotmail after completing these two simple steps. Or else, you can learn how to change the password by going through the ‘Change’ section on the main page. If you know how to use Windows registry, you can easily enter the required data and hit the enter button to return to the main page. If not, you can always use the Windows Instructions for entering and changing password in case you need help with technical aspects of setting up Hotmail.