How to Set Up Hotmail on iPhone – A Quick Guide

how to set up hotmail on iphone

How to Set Up Hotmail on iPhone – A Quick Guide

Want to learn how to set up Hotmail on iPhone? The steps are pretty simple. I’ll show you how to add Hotmail to your iPhone in just a few minutes. If you don’t know how to use a cell phone’s email application, you need to know how to set up Hotmail on iPhone before continuing. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to access your Hotmail account when you get an email message with your Hotmail user id and password.

First, switch on the iPhone X and tap Settings. Go to Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Select Add Account. Type in your Hotmail email account and password. Select the kind of Hotmail account you would like available on your iPhone X, if you already have one.

Tap on Add Hotmail. You will see a page similar to this:

Tap on Next. The next step is to enter the account type, name and password you’d like to use for your Hotmail account. The name and password you’ve chosen will be shown at the bottom of the screen. If you’d like your Hotmail account to be accessible only to select users, you can tick the appropriate box. You can also choose whether you’d like your Hotmail email account publicly or behind a username.

Tap on Save. Once you’re done entering information, you will be given the option to either delete or modify the preferences. To continue, tap on Next. On the next page, you will see the Hotmail user account options. Tap on Email. You will then see the option to Change Password.

Tap on New. When you’re done with creating your Hotmail account, you’ll be prompted to enter your new User ID and password. Enter these values exactly the way you want them to appear. Then, you’ll be asked to verify your email address. Enter your Hotmail email address where it should be followed by a colon.

Tap on Next. Finally, you’ll be given the opportunity to confirm the installation of the iPhone application. Once done, your iPhone will be ready to receive emails. Tap on Allocations. This will display the available space in your Inbox and the number of messages that you can see in your inbox at one time.

If everything was successfully installed, your iPhone will be ready to receive your messages. If, however, you’re getting random messages in your Inbox, this means that there’s another problem. The message is not actually from Hotmail but from some other account. You have to follow the instructions given below in order to fix this problem.

Tap on the Mailing List. Open the Mailing List tab in your Account tab. You’ll see the various lists that you can choose from. The two most popular ones are those of friends and colleagues and your Hotmail Inbox. If the message is from an external source, such as your Gmail account, you’ll have to modify the settings so that your Inbox matches the other accounts you have. You can then tap on Save.

Tap on Forward With Mailing List. If the message you received says that you’re subscribed to a particular group, tap on the Select Hotmail Groups button. Now you’ll be able to see the various groups that are members of yours. You can then select the group you want to sign up for and add yourself as a new member.

Tap on Add Email Address. Once you’re through with all these, you can now add your Hotmail email address in the appropriate fields. It is important that you don’t list your real name because that might be noticed by people who wish to contact you. This step is optional but highly recommended. You may also want to provide your Twitter or Facebook name if you think people would be interested in that. However, if you really want to learn how to set up Hotmail on iphone, it is advisable that you just go with using your real name as it’s easier to be recognized by everyone when they type the letters directly into your phone’s keypad.

Tap on Save Changes. When you’re done with the steps above, you can already start using how to set up Hotmail on iphone. Once you have your settings all set, tap on Mail in Style to begin your journey to a brand-new Hotmail user interface. There are tons of great things waiting for you. You will see icons for your IMAP and POP3 accounts. If your accounts are already supported, you can easily continue on with the rest of your steps.

Happy Mailing! In no time at all, how to set up Hotmail on iphone will become a topic of curiosity for you. With this new mobile program, you will not have to go through any hassles when it comes to sending, receiving, and managing your email account. So what are you waiting for?