How to Forward an Email in Hotmail – 3 Methods

Forwarding email in Hotmail seems very easy. It is a simple process that anyone can do it with ease. The main challenge comes when users want to know how to forward an email in Hotmail that actually works. If you need help, then this article is the right one for you.

how to forward an email in hotmail

Before beginning, be sure that the user has been added to the Hotmail email account. By doing this, it ensures that the email address is only used by the actual user and not by a person or company trying to trick the user. Also, be sure that the user knows where he/she has actually typed the email address into the Hotmail main page. Doing so will make it easier to spot mistakes made during inputting information. If the user has not entered the Hotmail address correctly, the program will prompt the user to do so. If this happens, then there may be a problem with the email.

After the user has entered the email address correctly, he/she must proceed with the next step. This is when the real work begins. When the user has clicked on “send,” then he/she will be directed to the destination of the email. If the destination does not exist, then the user will be prompted to create it.

The next step of how to forward an email in Hotmail is to check the destination. If the address is correct, then proceed with the rest of the process. If the user types the wrong email address, then chances are that the email cannot be forwarded to the right destination. Therefore, the server will return an error message.

After clicking “forward” button, the user will be directed to the newly created account. The user will be asked to type in his/her Hotmail email address. Then he/she will be prompted to fill in all the fields required including the name of the sender. Once done, the email will now be sent directly to the sender.

How to forward an email in Hotmail is very easy? However, if you want to make sure that your email reaches the correct recipient, then you should perform this step a few steps ahead. For instance, when you are composing the email, ensure that you include the @ symbol preceding the body of the message. Furthermore, when forwarding an email address through the service, ensure that you enter the @ symbol before sending out the message. By so doing, you can ensure that the email is indeed sent to the correct person.

How to forward an email in Hotmail is even easier if you know how to use the contact manager function of the Hotmail service. This feature makes it possible for you to keep in touch with your friends and family members no matter where they are or what time they may be. This is because the Hotmail contact manager enables you to specify specific times whenever you would like your email to be delivered. Hence, you can be sure that your email will be delivered on the specified time to any person who is a part of your network.

The third method on how to forward an email in Hotmail is to use the wildcard option. When using the wildcard option, you can indicate one or more wildcards which can then be combined into words which form a meaningful word. For instance, if you want your email to be delivered to your friend’s wife, you can add the word wife in front of the address. Likewise, if you want your email to be sent to your sister’s boyfriend, you can combine boyfriend and girlfriend. To specify a particular word or set of words, just use the “opt-in” feature and type the words you want in place of the wildcard.