How to Set Up Hotmail Account – Fast and Simple

how to set up hotmail account

How to Set Up Hotmail Account – Fast and Simple

How to set up a Hotmail account is the main concern of people who are new to the service. The email accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail are popular among all the other email services. There are various kinds of email accounts such as the free, the subscription based and the managed accounts. With the email accounts, there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to successfully set it up. This article highlights the steps on how to set up a Hotmail account.

The very first step is finding the name of the account holder or the user who is going to access the account. This is usually known as the email address. It has to be remembered that the user name cannot be the same as the regular user name which is entered while setting up an account with Hotmail. Once the user name has been obtained, then he or she can move ahead and enter the account information. The details entered should be right so that the email settings are modified accordingly. There are different ways by which you can do so.

If you want to have a secure Hotmail account, then you have to go for a set of instructions that will show you how to set up Hotmail password. After entering the user name and the password, this step entails locking the account with a password. The password is different for each user but it needs to be done in a special way. There is a possibility of changing the password at any time if required.

After locking the account with the password, the next step on how to set up a Hotmail account is creating a virtual desktop for the account holder. This step involves going for a Microsoft outlook desktop and installing all the software packages that are required to run the desktop. Once the installation process is complete, then it is advisable to go for the main control panel and install any necessary programs as well. It is then the time to modify the preferences of the computer as per your requirements.

Once done with this, a new window will open and a new window will appear on the screen. This is the message box where the user can enter the new user name and password. The user name is case sensitive, while the password must be the same as what is used in Hotmail. Enter the new details and click on Save after which the account is closed.

The next step on how to set up a Hotmail account is to go for the email service provider and create the user name and password. It is advisable to choose a strong password that is difficult to guess. This is important as the account holder may try to reset the password by keying the incorrect letters. Another option is to use the standard word list and randomize the password. This is a better option as even if someone does manage to guess the password, chances of them getting into the account are minimal.

Next step on how to set up a Hotmail account is to select the default profile that Microsoft has provided. This is the folder where all the email services are contained. Click on the plus sign icon and choose Add as Personal. A blank folder will be displayed and the user is free to choose the folder and other preferences that they want to associate with the account. Once done, a message will appear and the account holder is given an activation code that has to be entered to complete the set up procedure.

The last and final step on how to set up a Hotmail account is to fill in the user name and password that has been keying if prompted. Once done, a confirmation message will appear to show that the account has been successfully set up. If there was any problem, a message will also appear to remind the user about the same and he/she should log in again to confirm the changes that have been made. Once everything is done, the account is good to go and the user can start enjoying all the features that Hotmail has to offer. He/ she just has to ensure that he/she knows how to turn it on and off as appropriate.